The Gladiator's Day of Grace

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Now Available for Kindle!!!

The Gladiator's Day of Grace is now available for Kindle!
Paperback coming soon.

 What Readers Are Saying!

“A powerful testimony of faith.

It is 33 A.D. Maximus Vitruvius Messalla, a hardened warrior shunned by his wealthy family, has been sentenced to a life of bloodshed as a Gladiator. After proving his merit within the walls of gore, he is liberated and returns a different man. A changed man. A calloused man.
Andromeda Ayana is a freed slave with unshakeable faith in the rabbi Jesus Christ—a messiah of love and peace who has brought her to a faith like none other. In her, a deep light of peace and tranquility radiates—traits in which Maximus longs to experience, for peace and tranquility have never known him.

I have a difficult time with short stories because I don’t want the story to end. I fell in love with both characters, with the depths of each as they came to life so powerfully within the pages. Having a great love for Christ myself, I find pleasure in learning of other’s conversion stories, for they are always filled with tears of joy. In Gladiator’s Day of Grace, Jewel Adams has beautifully captured a love story based on tenderness, mercy, and forgiveness. She truly is an inspired writer!”  ~ Elizabeth Mueller, author.

“Wow! Hallelujah! Praise God for His indescribable gift! Thank you so much, Jewel, for this beautiful story. A story which tells the old, old story.”  ~thelphred, a reader.

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